The Foundation

TritonsBabies, trust your journey

First, distribute clean water to all the rural areas of the world. Then, start making
organic rice fields across the world. Starting with the rural areas worldwide.

reschedule the herbs and help elderly people’s pain because the better healing herbs are better prescribed pain medication.

The Amazing Japanese rice planting machine plants over 20000 plants per hour. That’s Kenji’s wish.

make installations of irrigation systems to automatically water the rice fields year round.  distribute solar power panels to those rural areas, then experiment with the concept of “photosynthesis”.

Then, we will transport rice to all the rural areas of the world to feed human beings and teach then how to cultivate. Current researching on “photosynthesis” project experiments & experimenting with the “aquaponics” system.

Innovating The World of Education:

Researching on how to bring water to other planets to make and create living organisms. organic rice fields like organic We’ll be shaping the next imperial palaces worldwide. Each glass room is with a diamond grade and a recipe.

radio message continuous transmission machines

Many thanks to The Gates Foundation for eradicating POLIO.

My future goals are to build schools and hospitals in Vietnam and China.  My parents wishes are to always help people who are less fortunate than you are.  When I do go to Vietnam, China, and/or other countries, I would like work with universities to expand technologies into rural areas.  In order to make this expansion, we must first learn to speak these global messaging standards, sms and mms.  Basically, these global standards allow disparate enterprise distributed systems to integrate.  Let’s together define this international interoperable messaging language and protocol.


Please prescribe and make “Charlotte’s Web” accessible to all epilepsy, patients across the world without boundaries.  We’re trying to help people to improve their lifestyle with their living pains.



“Significant new work in OMA is leading to the development of mobile service enablers in areas such as Device Management, M2M Communications, API’s, Augmented Reality and more.”

  • Deliver high quality, open technical specifications based upon market requirements that drive modularity, extensibility, and consistency amongst enablers to reduce industry implementation efforts.
  • Ensure OMA service enabler specifications provide interoperability across different devices, geographies, service providers, operators, and networks; facilitate interoperability of the resulting product implementations.
  • Be the catalyst for the consolidation of standards activity within the mobile data service industry; working in conjunction with other existing standards organizations and industry fora to improve interoperability and decrease operational costs for all involved.
  • Provide value and benefits to members in OMA from all parts of the value chain including content and service providers, information technology providers, mobile operators and wireless vendors such that they elect to actively participate in the organization.