A clever system of Decentralized trust list verification based on encrypted digital singatures.


“the next musical economic alchemy”™ how about distribution of organic rice fields to help people. Amazon Web Services === AWS === Availability With Infinite Scalability Proud to be a technical reviewer of this future of infinite scalable NoSQL  database, “DynamoDB Cookbook”, supporting web and mobile ecosystems. AWS multi factor authenticated & encrypted tokens to integrate with our enterprise AWS IoT systems.

merge sort = divide & conquer = merging two sublists of random numbers into one merged list of sorted numbers

Class Sorting algorithm
Data structure Array
Worst-case performance O(n log n)
Best-case performance O(n log n) typical, O(n) natural variant
Average performance O(n log n)
Worst-case space complexity О(n) total, O(n) auxiliary

B03659_MockupCover_Cookbook   @ international mobile ecosystem patents & pendings Amazing invention     2015 Internet Trends A MUST READ:  2013 Emerging Technology Trends   <20150817>:-) Next generation of Web View Model, WVM. A client-side JavaScript Framework to connect to distributed business data web services. Web View:  A client-side presentation JavaScript framework to render views from raw data for your web pages. Model:  A server-side private/public distributed & encapsulated business data web services.  For example, Amazon DynamoDB can represent your scalable server-side business data web services.  Just imagining the rapid evolution of technologies of Microsoft Visual Basic to C#, a Java like language.  The modern day Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the infrastructure of technologies which will allow for scalable systems.  For example, we welcome you to the modern days of scalable web services, “DynamoDB Cookbook“, @  Proud to be a technical reviewer of this amazing book and we will be connecting you to the web mobile marketplace. Coming from a team of experienced computer scientists and database designers of both RDBMS & NoSQL databases.  Now, imagining the largest contiguous empire of the world with the computer scientist knowledge of the mobile internet ecosystem. <20150613>:-) this will definitely improve internet security <20150612>:-) Going to get a little geeky now.  Here’s a treasure map into the world of programming. What is the most efficient path to navigate my favorite “LEGO”  lane? ENJOY! — feeling determined. code   <20150611>:-)

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT A MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT VEHICLE? I believe that kinetic energy can be harnessed from a vehicle wheel rotational torque force.  For example, things moving in a straight line have momentum (a kind of “power” of motion) and kinetic energy (the energy they have because of their movement) because of their mass (how much “stuff” they contain) and their velocity (how fast they’re going). In the same way, rotating objects have kinetic energy because they have what’s called a moment of inertia (how much “stuff” they’re made from and how it’s distributed) and an angular velocity (how fast they’re rotating). Moment of inertia is the equivalent of mass for spinning objects, while angular velocity is like ordinary velocity only going round in a circle.
Just as the kinetic energy of an object moving in a straight line is given by this equation:
E = ½mv2
(where m is mass and v is velocity), so the equivalent, kinetic energy of a spinning object is given by this one:
E = ½Iω2

<20150512>:-) What about designing a pair of shoes to harness this energy? I think this is a brilliant idea because human movement naturally transfer the kinetic energy to the pair of shoes that we wear everyday.  The energy conserved from this pair of shoes should continually power our mobile phones on a daily basis. The idea of “ENERGY TRANSFER” really fascinates me. When I was younger, I’m always listening to music prior to falling asleep.  Now, I’m always reading until I fall asleep. @harvard <20150115>;) What is a compiler?  A compiler is a translator of computational set of instructions of a system for people and machine to understand. <20141230>;) electrons generate energy. looking at the discoveries of perpetual motion, and the traveling of machines to other planets to broadcast from those planets back to earth is amazingly the idea of body motion to generate energy of phd thesis. makingimagesmadewithlove, beautiful presentation with your dishes.

Oligopoly Markets

<20141213>:-) How to build Android mobile app? Install Android Studio

  1. Go to  Settings > General > About 
  2. Now scroll to the Build number and tap it 7  times.
  3. Return to the main Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see Developer Options.
  4. Select the checkbox: USB Debugging
  5. Open up Android Studio
  6. Select Tools > Android > Android Device Monitor
  7. Now, plug in your USB cable to your computer and your mobile device
  8. Do that one or twice and your mobile device model should appear on your Android Device Monitor list of devices
  9. Install your apk app on your mobile device and you are now transitioning into the theaters with “Silence is Golden” 😉  Enjoy your development………

NOTE:  For advanced debugging, use the Android command line tool. Android Debug Bridge Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device. It is a client-server program that includes three components:

  • A client, which runs on your development machine. You can invoke a client from a shell by issuing an adb command. Other Android tools such as the ADT plugin and DDMS also create adb clients.
  • A server, which runs as a background process on your development machine. The server manages communication between the client and the adb daemon running on an emulator or device.
  • A daemon, which runs as a background process on each emulator or device instance.

<20141031>:-) You have a few days to learn the matrix @ <20140613>🙂   🙂 Basically, these scripts are for creating additional secure users in the cloud without needing to type in passwords. Thus, this will allow for automating large-scale enterprise distributed & disparate systems. @harvard <20141220>:-) <20140612>:-) The future of education.  (Video interview: <20140612>:-) I started & completed reading this book tonight.  Very inspirational and innovative insights from entrepreneurs.  🙂

CEO: Collective Wisdom of TOP CEOs by Can Akdeniz

<20131231>:) data science:  making the derivation of your huge distributed datasets from the science of gaining additional market shares. <20121123>:-) My Passion Led Me To A Breakthrough Discovery With Securing Documents on The Cloud Just implemented GPG encryption for documents.  The main idea here is that you can secure your documents in the cloud.   The MOST SECURE way to do this is to generate your key pair from one of the instances, machine 1.  Then, transfer your public key to the source machine 2 where you would like to encrypt data and transfer your secret key to the destination machine 3 where you would like to decrypt your data.  That way your source machine 2 can only encrypt your data, but can’t decrypt.   Machine 3 can only decrypt data, but can’t encrypt data.  The beauty with this approach is that if someone was suppose to hack into any machines, then cannot decrypt your documents.  You are welcome to post comments/questions or send me an email if you need further clarification.


“one of my many goals is to improve the efficiency of healthcare information to save lives.”

 prototype project: start with one small subset list of elderly patience issue smart healthcare cards to a list of patients (utilizing smart card technology) at a moment’s notice, upon arriving at the patient’s location, the EMT or Ambulance would immediately scan the patient’s health care card and broadcast that data to the appropriate hospital. I’m very happy to know that my documented innovative idea was implemented about a month later.

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