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🙂 Championship Golf Tournament 🙂
making escalators designs around the world with private jets from the airport with the escalators to the golf courses worldwide.  working on my putting game tonight, and thinking about you, the stars.
what’s the incentive to designing golf web application & database with continued support?  Free rounds of golf to all tournaments.  Please executive committee members.  thanks.
<20160226>:) Drove 87% on the fairway today @Barona Golf Course and putted well today too.  Learning to read the green better now.   Made at least 1 birdie out of the previous 2 rounds of golf.  One of that birdie was from the tournament at Monarch Beach Golf Course. Oh yeah, my golf game is improving.

“Live your life as you like, love as much as you can and make this world a better place with your smile!”  @private

🙂 Vietnamese Golf Alliance Welcomes You 🙂

<20150427>:-) I played an amazing round of golf today @ North Torrey Pines.  I set my own personal best record of 89 today with 3 consecutive pars on the 14th, 15th (almost eagled, to within a foot), and 16th holes.  I broke 90 for the first time at Torrey Pines.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<20150425>:-) I  made an unbelievable 60-foot putt on the 1st hole at Steele Canyon Ranch today.  I also walked away with 2 birdies.  One birdie was from a putt outside the green on the 12th hole and the 2nd birdie was on the 18th hole at Steele Canyon Meadow with a 2nd approach shot to within 1-foot away from the hole.  I played amazing golf today, especially my exceptional putting game.

<20150315>:-) I amazingly made a 44-foot putt on the 18th tee at Oak Valley.  This is my personal best for the longest putt within a golf tournament.

<20151012>:) she, cheyenne wood, thought me how to focus on putting, that’s when i won closest to the pin on par 3s at a few tourneys from, the future of entertainment globally.

<20150128>;) I will most definitely be working on my shortgame.  That’s how I was able to won a few closest to the pin from a few of my golf tournaments.

<20150118>:-) I drove 80% plus on the fairway of 2015 first tournament after taking a month break.  According to me, this must be a very impressive comeback.  9 fairways in a roll too. 😉

<20150101>:-) I made the first two putts of 2015.  One 18-foot and one 19-foot putts.

<20141125>:-) I won closest to the pin again on 2 consecutive golf tournaments. This time at our Temecula Creek Inn Golf Tournament today.  I made my personal best of 2 birdies in a golf tournament  that I have played before.

<20141026>:-) I made a 24-foot putt for par @ Los Lagos Golf Course in Costa Mesa, CA.  I drove and chipped well today.

<20141025>:-) I made a 20-foot putt for birdie @ Salt Creek Golf Course in Chula Vista, CA.  I missed just one fairway.

<20141019>:-) I won closest to the pin on the first par 3 third hole at our Pechanga Golf Tournament today.

<20141005>:-) I amazingly shot a 65………………………………………………………net score today at and won my first tournament. I made 9 pars and 1 birdie.  This was an amazing day of putting. 

<20140907>:-) Today I played 36 holes at Golf Club at Rancho California.  My first time playing there.  The scores were round1 (90) and round2 (98).  However, the super highlights came from my second round from hole 6 (par), 7 (par), 8 (par), and 9 (birdie).  This is a great personal accomplishment of consecutive-hole streak.  

<20140817>:-) Today I made 2 birdies, hole-3 (w/ a 12-foot putt) and hole-6 (w/ a 19-foot putt), in the front-9 on Friars at Riverwalk in San Diego.  This is the course where I previously shot my personal best front-9 round of 39 about 6 years ago.  Shot 90 today.  Happy golfing everyone.

<20140621>:-) Today I shot an 82 at Admiral Baker South in a Children’s Whisper Golf Tournament.  This is  amazingly my lowest tournament round since I started playing golf.  I’m surprised at my performance today.   I was very consistent today.  Only 1 three-putt and 1 double-bogey.  Miss only 1 fairway on the 18th. I made par on that hole though.  Thanks Coach Kyle Huynh and the coaches over at The Stadium Golf Center.  Wow!

<20140615>:-) Happy Father’s Day to all the respected fathers out there.  Well, today I completed my 2nd and 3rd lowest rounds of golf (93 & 92) since my 81 about 6 years ago.  I just started consistently golfing again at the beginning of this year.  My game is definitely improving and I’m starting to develop a passion for golf.


I shot my first complete game today with a triple-bogey free of 95 @Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Club. I made a few great long putts today too (9-foot, 12-foot, and 15-foot). My golf game is becoming more consistent now. Most importantly, I had a lot of fun today.



I amazingly drove my personal best 🙂 of 281 yards today in the Vietnamese Golf Association of Southern California Golf Tournament ( @ the Barona Creek Golf Course.

I amazingly drove my personal best today @Barona Golf Creek Course with 281 yards on the 4th hole.  I outdrove my previous personal best of 269 yards which was recorded about two weeks ago.  However, the highlight today was on the 18th hole par 4 (484 yards) where I drove well and got onto the green in 2 and then made par.


Just learned how to juggle golf balls. 🙂  I’m having too much fun with golf.  😉

I am very excited that I just learned how to juggle a golf ball. 🙂


Drove my personal best :) today @ Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort with 269 yards.

I drove my personal best today @ Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort with 269 yards. Made a great putt on the 18th hole after carefully learning how to read the green from both sides. My previous best was at 239 yards.  My score was 95 and definitely improving.


Broke my first 100 @ToreyPinesSouthCourse

I broke my first 100 @TorreyPinesSouth on this day @99.  That was a lot of fun.  The 18th hole, drive about 219, 3 on & 2 putts.


My Longest Driving Record Was Set Today @ 239 yards on the @ToreyPinesNorthCourse

Had a great time @TorreyPines, North Course, today. I drove 239 yards, broke my old record of 237 yards for my longest drive to date. Got one par on Hole 11 (one of the more difficult hole).  I also made a 44-foot putt during the practice session.


My Amazing and Best Golf Putting Practice Record To Date

I spent about two hours at the putting green in Torrey Pines today. Amazingly 🙂, I made 3 33-foot putts, 2 36-foot putts, 1 39-foot putt, & 1 40-foot putt. My best putting practice to date. Also, I have been driving about 90%+ in 2014 thus far.  My golf game is improving… yeah.


Basketball All-Time 9 Consecutive 3-pointer Record

January 20, 2014 at 9:37pm

Amazing night. 🙂 I broke my previous 2 records of 6-consecutive 3-pointer about 2 months ago. My new consecutive 3-pointer record now stands at 9. In fact, 9 is my all-time consecutive 3-pointer record since I started playing basketball. Free throw still stands @ 29 consecutive when I was younger.


Learning Golf

I started seriously learning golf about 6 years ago.  My first year I shot my lowest golf score of 81 @Riverwalk.  The first 3 years of learning golf, I would be at the driving range 6 out 7 days a week.  I had to take the time away from work to take care of my elderly father.  Within this time frame, I wanted to seriously work on improving my golf game and discovered my hidden singing talent.  Actually, I have started singing when I was a young child in the elementary, junior high, & high school years.  Most importantly, I started to read a lot during this period and I’m able to read really fast now.  If you would like to improve your speaking, make sure that you are reading out loud. Well, with all this being said, one lesson that i would like share with our children of tomorrow is to always follow through on your putts.  Once you do that, then you will start developing A feeling of what golf putting is about.  For example, throughout the years of seriously learning golf, I would be at the range about 6 out of 7 days a week during the day.  Then, at night, I would be singing while improving my putting game.  The key to my putting game is I would take a carpet that you get from home depot with a rectangular shape within the carpet.  Then, I would placed about 1/3 of the carpet against the wall.  And placed the golf ball at a certain point on the carpet from the other 2/3.  My goal is to putt against the wall and have the ball come back on that same line (one of the long side of the rectangular line) to the exact initial position of that golf ball. With this methodology, I have developed accuracy with putting on a straight line and feeling the distance of my putts.