My Passion Led Me To A Breakthrough Discovery With Securing Documents In The Cloud

<20121123>:-) Just implemented GPG encryption for documents.  The main here idea is that you can secure your documents in the cloud.   The MOST SECURE way to do this is to generate your key pair from one of the instances, machine 1.  Then, transfer your public key to the source machine 2 where you would like to encrypt your documents and transfer your secret key to the destination machine 3 where you would like to decrypt your documents.  That way your source machine 2 can only encrypt your data, but can’t decrypt.   Machine 3 can only decrypt data, but can’t encrypt data.  The beauty with this approach is that if someone was suppose to hack into your machine, then your documents cannot be decrypted.  You are welcome to post comments/questions or send me emails if you need further clarification.